KFXO-LD Over The Air Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with our KFXO service.  This affects all OTA viewers in central Oregon as well as Dish and Direct satellite subscribers along with Crestview cable subscribers.

You can alternatively view KFXO on the following channels in the following areas:

21.3 – Bend and surrounding areas
27.3 – Prineville/Madras and surrounding areas.

We are working diligently on resolving this issue.


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Aug 23 early morning maintenance

We are currently working on our primary transmitter.  During this maintenance our service will have minor disruptions for Over the Air viewers as well as Dish Network, Direct TV and Crestview cable subscribers.


Thank you for your patience.


-KTVZ Engineering

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BendBroadBand Services

July 12th 1:34 am Update

All services have been restored.  The outage lasted from approximately 20 minutes from 12:40am through 1:00am

-KTVZ Engineering


July 12th 12:40am

We are currently performing maintenance that is disrupting our service to BendBroadBand.  This maintenance started at 12:40am Tuesday July 12th.  We are working quickly to restore services and are expecting a down time of less than 1 hour.

Thank you for your patience

-KTVZ Engineering

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KTVZ – Minor Outage

KTVZ’s primary transmitter experienced a minor outage around 4:34pm on Thursday June 16th.  Services including 21.1 (NBC) 21.2 (CW) and 21.3 (FOX in SD) were affected for Over The Air, Dish Network, and DirectTV users.  This outage only lasted a few minutes as services promptly returned.  We are actively monitoring the transmitter to avoid any additional down time.

Thanks for your viewership!

-KTVZ Engineering

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Over The Air Problems

Yesterday, March 26th 2016, we had technical issues with our Over The Air transmission that reduced our total power output on our Ch 21 transmitter.  Some homes receiving over the air transmission through antennas may have experienced issues.  We resolved the issue that we had yesterday but are still experiencing a separate issue that has resulted in a reduced overall power.  We are working with our transmitter vendor to get the problem resolved as quick as possible.

Unrelated to the above issue, we did experience a technical problem with Ch 39’s transmitter that has reduced our power output.  We are in the middle of trouble shooting this problem and are working towards a timely resolution.

Thank you for your understanding.

-KTVZ Engineering

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BendBroadBand Viewers

Update 1:30 AM

All services were restored around 1:20 AM.

1/28/2016 12:15AM

Directly following the conclusion of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon we will be performing maintenance on our distribution to BendBroadBand.  There will be momentary disruptions in all our services over the course of the hour scheduled maintenance window.

We will be implementing a redundancy into our system to ensure that BendBroadBand customers will receive our signal throughout certain equipment failures as a secondary/backup feed will be delivered to BendBroadBand.

Thank you for your viewership as well as your understanding of this maintenance window.


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Grizzly Mountain Translators

1/21/2016 Update:

We have resolved the issue and services have been restored for our translators serving Prineville and Madras.  Thank you for your patience.


Our translators on Grizzly Mountain are currently experiencing technical difficulties resulting in outages.  We are aware of the issue and are working on a resolution.  We will have more details on the outage tomorrow morning.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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