Emergency maintenance tonight

Tonight, just after midnight, we will be conducting some maintenance on our microwave system. This will cause some short outages on all of our services. We are replacing equipment that was giving us problems a few weeks ago. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences these outages may cause.

About Justin LaPrelle

Justin LaPrelle is the Chief Engineer for KTVZ-TV News Channel 21, KFXO-CA Fox Central Oregon, KQRE-LP Telemundo, and The CW Network in Bend, OR.
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2 Responses to Emergency maintenance tonight

  1. Cheryl says:

    Is the Guide EVER going to work again??? It stopped working in June–I’ve exchanged several emails and postings on this blog inquiring an answer to that question—-in September the head of KTVZ Engineering posted that in the FIRST week of October the “Guide” would be working again because of the switch/upgrade to a newer program (PSIP) -well, it’s October 24th and still NO “Guide”!!! He also stated, in his September posting, that the installing of a new Ch. 20 translator on Grizzly Mtn in the latter part of October was going to take place–is that still scheduled and will it work right? I understand there can be problems when dealing with technology and the “bugs” have to be worked out before everything works/runs smoothly—but it sure would be nice if the consumer/customer was kept informed with updated info once in a while, on this blog, pertaining to any advancements or setbacks that have arisen when trying to get these problems resolved!!!!
    Please don’t keep us “in the dark” wondering WHEN or IF something is going to work—post some info on the blog!


  2. Alfred Roth says:

    As of last night (Nov 9, 2011), we are still getting spotty reception from channels 22.1,22.2, and 22.3. Sometimes there is audio and the video is bad, and other times the video is good, the audio is breaking up. We rely on ktvz for local weather and news, and right now the station is next to useless here in Prineville.

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