KFXO Digital Channel 39

KFXO Digital Channel 39 is on the air.

About Justin LaPrelle

Justin LaPrelle is the Chief Engineer for KTVZ-TV News Channel 21, KFXO-CA Fox Central Oregon, KQRE-LP Telemundo, and The CW Network in Bend, OR.
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4 Responses to KFXO Digital Channel 39

  1. Larona Larsell says:

    Our digital tv has been choppy all day. Now we have nothing. We live in LaPine and use finley butte. The only station we can get is CBS. Is doing this change over done something there? I hope it comes back on soon, we really depend on the local weather, especially now with all this snow. Thanks

    • Amador Velasquez says:

      The changes to Channel 39 should not have affected the translators on Finley Butte. Which channels do you watch? We have both analog and digital translators on Finley Butte.

  2. Kurt Browning says:

    Amador, I thought you would like to know that with a cheap indoor antenna, reception of RF channel 39 is definitely better for me than RF channel 45. It’s much easier to find a “sweet spot” of stable reception. I am located on the south side of Bend in an area filled with ponderosa pines near the intersection of Ponderosa St. and Highway 97. On a calm day, my average relative signal strengths in the sweet spots are 50-55 for Ch. 45, 65-70 for Ch. 39, and 85-90 for Ch. 21.
    For comparison, the relative strengths of other digital signals are 55-60 for Ch. 7, 85-90 for Ch. 11, 30-35 for Ch. 31, and 75-80 for Ch. 51.

    • Glad to hear the upgrade worked for you. I had a similar experience at my home. Before the upgrade I was only able to pick up Fox (Channel 45) in my upstairs bedrooms. Now I can watch Channel 39 in the downstairs living room on my bigger TV. Life is good…….. I’m so happy that we were able to do this upgrade before the Super Bowl!!!

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