Analog Channel 41

We have received several calls and e-mails regarding analog channel 41 located on Awbrey Butte in Bend, OR. Through an agreement between KTVZ and Combined Communications (owners of Ch. 41) we aired KTVZ News Channel 21 programming on channel 41 on a temporary basis. That temporary period is over and KTVZ is no longer on channel 41. To view KTVZ (NBC) programming Over The Air (OTA), please rescan your DTV converter box, digital TV or Satellite Box to find channel 21.1.

Digital TV will provide you with a clear picture and more information regarding the programming being viewed. The FCC has not yet mandated that we shut down all our analog services, but the day is not too far in the future. Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but we are sure that you will enjoy digital TV moving forward.

About Justin LaPrelle

Justin LaPrelle is the Chief Engineer for KTVZ-TV News Channel 21, KFXO-CA Fox Central Oregon, KQRE-LP Telemundo, and The CW Network in Bend, OR.
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4 Responses to Analog Channel 41

  1. Donna Johnson says:

    Let me try to explain this as simply as possible! Since I have DirecTV (bad purchase), I am unable to receive KTVZ/NBC in any way and that includes an antenna sitting on top of my TV. This is absolutely ridiculous…I live on Kuhlman Rd off of Tyler Rd. I am approximately 12 miles from your station, but obviously any signal is/was coming from Awbrey Butte from what I can determine. What do you suggest that I do other than cancel DirecTV?

    • I took a look at your location on a map and unless you are using a rooftop mounted antenna you will have a problem picking up the KTVZ signal over the air. I recommend that you go to the website This site will ask you a few questions about your location such as; Are you in a single story or multi-story house? It will then tell you the best antenna to use for your location and which way to point it.

      You are correct our main DTV transmitter is located on Awbrey Butte. So you will want to point your antenna there.


  2. Donna Johnson says:

    Thank you for your response. It’s been a very frustrating experience since over a year ago, I received all network (local) channels without any problems with rabbit ears. It looks as if a rooftop antenna is the only way to go, but isn’t KTVZ dropping all analog service? And what is the solution to all of this? I’m aware that Dish Network supposedly provides local, but no premium channels or internet and with individual costs for locals and superstations. From what I am told, BendBroadband does not serve this area…at this point, I feel as if I am way out in the desert around Las Vegas or Barstow instead of being 12 miles from Bend.

    Thanks again, Amador…I appreciate your assistance.

  3. You are correct, all analog channels are going away. Currently there is no main analog transmitter for KTVZ, only small translators scattered across Central Oregon. In December of this year the main analog transmitter for KFXO will be going away too. It is estimated that by 2012 all the analog translators will be shut down by either the operator or the FCC.

    So what’s the solution? Simply put, Digital Television (DTV). Newer TVs have built in tuners that are capable of receiving DTV over the air using the same antenna that was used to pick up analog TV. If you’re not in the market for a new TV, you can purchase a Digital Converter Box that will take the place of your old analog tuner and allow you to watch DTV on your old TV set. Please go to for more information about receiving Digital Television over the air.

    DTV offers the same clean picture as dish and cable, along with program and channel scheduling information and all for FREE.

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