NPG of Oregon

All transmitters and all channels are up and running ūüôā


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Channel 20.1 KQRE & 20.2 KFXO


Update – This has been resolved thank you for you patience

We regret to inform you that we are experiencing technical difficulties with our channel 20 transmitter. This will affect viewers in North Deschutes County. You can still view KFXO on channel 27.3. Thank you for your patience as we work to repair the failed transmitter.



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Ch. 30

La Pine and surrounding are customers who receive ch.30 from Finley Butte¬†may experience some issues with channel 30. Channel 30 starts at 30.3 instead of 30.1. If you cannot pickup any of the ch. 30 sub channels please re-scan your TV. Current channel listings are –

30.3 NBC

30.4 CW

30.5 FOX

30.6 ION

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.

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Direct TV Customers

Direct TV is currently having technical issues with all local stations, they have been notified and are working on correcting the problem, thank you for your patience.


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Bend Broadband

Tuesday Nov 28th at 3:00 AM PST Bend Broadband will be performing technical maintenance that may cause interruptions in service for Bend Broadband customers only. This should be restored shortly after 4:00 AM PST. Thank You

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Bend Broadband Video Drop-offs

We are aware of the service interruptions that Bend Broadband customers may be experiencing with our signals. The Digital Video Engineering and Network Infrastructure teams are working diligently to track down the faulty piece of equipment that is causing intermittent audio and video drop-offs. There are multiple layers of infrastructure required to send a signal, and sometimes intermittent technical difficulties take time to identify.

Thank You for your patience.

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BendBroadband Audio Issues

2/7/17 7:42pm Update – We have resolved the problem and you should be able to either REVERT your set top box back to the ‘Default’ setting or leave your set top box configured for English. ¬†Both will work fine.

2/7/17 5:45pm – We have been informed of audio issues from BendBroadband customers viewing KTVZ’s HD channel 605.

While we work on correcting the source of the problem we have identified an immediate fix.

Through your BendBroadband set top box and BendBroadband remote perform the following:

  1. ¬†Push the ‘Menu’ button twice.
  2. ¬†With the down arrow Scroll to ‘Setup’ and push the OK button
  3.  With the down arrow scroll down to Audio Setup (3rd option) and push Ok
  4.  With the right arrow change the Channel Default Track to english and push Ok.

Once you complete the above audio should be restored and you can exit out of the menu.

KTVZ Engineering

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